Academic Programs

Rigorous & Relevant Curriculum

Our carefully designed college prep curriculum is a critical lever for fulfilling our mission to prepare students for college and beyond.  It is based upon the Common Core State Standards for Literacy and Mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards and uses a critical literacy approach which draws upon students’ lived experiences to maximize learning and empowerment.

Data-Driven Instruction

Throughout the year, we collect formative data to monitor the progress students are making toward their learning goals. Teachers work together to analyze these data and make analytically sound adjustments to future lessons to ensure that all students learn what they need to each year.

Tiered Supports

We begin with a positive, proactive, and instructional approach to define, support, teach, and reinforce appropriate behaviors and academic skills.  We use a three-tiered or leveled system of supports to help ALL students achieve success.  

  • Tier one supports are available to all students and include school-wide programs such as: daily advisory, an emphasis on positive interactions, restorative discipline practices, clear school-wide and classroom rules and expectations, and our shared values.     

  • Tier two supports are targeted interventions that are made available to approximately 10% of our students who require support beyond what is offered in tier one.  Tier two supports include: small group counseling, social/emotional skills classes, and small group lessons.

  • Tier three supports are the most intensive and are specifically designed to meet the needs of the small number of individual students who need them.  Some examples of tier three supports are: Check In/Check Out each period, individualized lessons, behavior contracts, referral for additional support from a community partner.

Comprehensive Counseling Services

Amandla is committed to meeting the social and emotional as well as the academic needs of our students and as such has a full time social-emotional counselor on staff to lead:

  • Individual and small group counseling sessions

  • The creation and implementation of classroom guidance lessons

  • An interventions team to diagnose student needs and assign, implement, and monitor research-based supports

  • Conflict resolution and group mediation

  • Family counseling

  • The development of partnerships with local agencies to provide additional opportunities for social and emotional learning, both in and outside of the school

College Preparation Program

While the most essential preparation for college happens everyday in classrooms across the school, we also offer specific supports for students and families as they engage in the college selection, application, and enrollment process.  These supports include:

  • A full-time college counselor

  • OneGoal - a highly effective and nationally recognized college preparation class

  • Partnership with Chicago Scholars - another highly effective college preparation program

  • Rigorous AP and dual-credit courses

  • Single day and overnight college visits for all students

  • College application and personal statement workshops

  • Financial aid and scholarship workshops and assistance

  • Virtual counseling support during the first year of college

Diverse Learner and English Language Supports and Services

Amandla is honored to serve many types of learners and welcomes all students, including those with highly individualized needs and those who are learning English.  For students with IEPs, our special and general education teachers work in close partnership with families to craft individualized plans that will meet student needs now and prepare them for a successful future. Amandla's EL program develops English language proficiency through skills development in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.