The Amandla Story

In the spring of 2005, a group of exceptionally dedicated and talented teachers from Robeson High School started getting together on Wednesday evenings to talk about the idea of starting their own school.  For more than two years, the group studied great schools around the country, wrote a proposal that was approved through a rigorous process, and then worked hard to turn their plan into a reality.   They proudly opened the doors of Amandla Charter School to their first group of 5th graders in August of 2008.  

Like any great organization, Amandla has evolved as it has grown.  And while much has changed since its inception, Amandla remains true to several of its founding principles:

  1. Amandla is free, public, and open to ALL students Hand Raised

  2. Amandla is a place where every student has the opportunity to prepare for college

  3. Amandla is a team and family -- staff, students, and families care deeply about one another and are in this work together

  4. Amandla is small so that every one of our students gets the individualized attention they need for success

  5. Amandla is committed to ensuring that ALL students make exceptional gains, both academically and developmentally

  6. Amandla is built on a foundation of outstanding teaching and deep respect for all educators and their practice

Our Mission

In keeping with what our founders envisioned, our mission is: Preparing Chicago’s students for college and beyond.

Our Shared Values

Because we are an inclusive community, we have a single set of shared values that guides all those involved in our organization: educators, students, families, volunteers, and everyone else.

Scholarship.At Amandla, we work hard to learn more, every day.

Community.At Amandla, we are a team and a family that respects and supports one another.

Perseverance.At Amandla, we increase our efforts when faced with an obstacle.

Excellence.At Amandla, we take pride in ourselves and our work.

Integrity.At Amandla, we act in accordance with our values at all times.