Amandla will be open in the event of a strike

Amandla will be open and educating students in the event of a CTU strike
Posted on 10/10/2016
Open signWhile Amandla Charter School supports the members of the Chicago Teachers Union in their fight to fund the schools Chicago's students deserve, our teachers are not members of the CTU, and as such will not be participating in a strike if one occurs. 

Just last year, Amandla fought and won its own fight against the Chicago Board of Education, and as a result of that hard earned victory, we are able to be open and educating students today.  Becuase of these recent experiences as a school community, we fully understand the importance of taking a stand for what is right for the children and families of our city. 

Like the CTU, we believe in supporting teachers as professionals, providing the social services children need, in reduced class sizes, and in appropriate funding for special education. Like the broader charter community,  we are not opposed to teachers unions.  Like many other charter schools, Amandla works closely with its teachers to maintain open lines of communication and to ensure that teachers are valued members of our school community and that their interests and opinions are represented and taken seriously.
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